Multilingual Turkish Dictionary

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Turkish To English

n. blockade runner

ABLUKAYI YARMA : Turkish English

n. running

ABLUKAYI YARMAK : Turkish English

v. run the blockade

ABO : Turkish English

interj. ah, word used to express a variety of emotions (delight, relief, surprise or contempt), oh

ABONE : Turkish English

n. subscriber, one who signs up to receive a service or publication (i.e. magazine, newspaper, etc.)

ABONE KAYDOLMAK : Turkish English

v. take out a subscription to

ABONE OLMAK : Turkish English

v. subscribe to, take out a subscription to, take in

ABONE ÜCRETİ : Turkish English

n. subscription fee, subscription, subscription price

ABONELER : Turkish English

n. constituency

ABONELİK : Turkish English

n. subscription, being a subscriber; payment given for regularly scheduled performances or publications (i.e. magazine, concert series, etc.)

ABONMAN : Turkish English

n. subscription; season ticket, ticket which is valid for the entire season; contract with a public utility for its services

ABORDA : Turkish English

adv. alongside

ABORTİF : Turkish English

adj. abortifacient, causing the premature termination of a pregnancy, inducing abortion (of a drug)

ABOSA : Turkish English

interj. avast

ABRAKADABRA : Turkish English

n. abracadabra, word used when performing a magic trick

ABRAZYON : Turkish English

n. abrasion, area that has been rubbed or scraped away, act of rubbing or scraping away

ABRAŞ : Turkish English

adj. speckled, marked with small spots, spotted, marked with blotches of various colors, variegated

ABREAKSİYON : Turkish English

n. abreaction, release of a repressed emotion (Psychology)

ABSORBAN : Turkish English

adj. absorbent, able to soak up, able to take in

ABSORPLAYICI : Turkish English

n. absorbent


n. absorption, sucking up, taking in, preoccupation

ABSTRE : Turkish English

adj. abstract

ABSÜRD : Turkish English

adj. stiff

ABU : Turkish English

interj. ah, word used to express a variety of emotions (delight, relief, surprise or contempt)

ABUK SABUK : Turkish English

adj. nonsensical, farcical, incoherent